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Taiwan: The King of Street Food

During my visit to Taiwan, I paraded up the country from Kaohsiung to Taipei.

The Taiwanese are the heavy weight champions when it comes to their street food.

Needless to say, I was on a mission to try and visit as many of these markets that I physically could do in a few days.

My first stop was Liouhe Night Market, this market spans from Zhonshan Road to Zili Road in the city of Kaohsiung, and there are over 170 stalls selling Taiwanese snacks, fashionable clothing, accessories and folklore games. 

This market is popular with the locals and international tourists alike, given that it is also just one minutes walk from the KRT Formosa Boulevard station. Easy access baby. 

A few of the things that are most popular at this market are; Zheng's papaya milk, fresh seafood (so fresh that some are cooked alive and kicking), and BBQ food.

@ Liouhe Night Market - Kaohsiung
Pepper meat buns

BBQ everything on skewers

The famous Papaya milk, the more you slurp the more papaya you can taste.

Barbecued Oysters oysters

Freshly made Siu Long Bao

Lightly Salted Barbecued Freshwater King prawns cooked alive

Time for a close up of my pepper pork bun ;]
Crispy, pepper pork bun with chives.
Sui Long Bao

Salted Barbecued Freshwater King Prawns 
Day 2:

Day 3:

The most famous, well organised, and largest night market in Taipei is the Shilin Market.

Renowned for its deep fried chicken cutlets the size of your face, sausages wrapped in glutinous rice, oyster omelettes, fresh bao, the list is endless ;j 

Don't believe me ? Have a wander yourself.

@ Shilin Market- Taipei

Shaved Ice Desserts (Pao Bing)

Scallion Pancakes

Seafood paradise

Sausages wrapped in glutinous rice

Super Sized Sausages ;]

Fresh Bao

Winter Melon, and green grass jelly tea

Day 4:

Parading in a Mountain Village.

Melon and Peanut Ice Cream Spring Roll with crushed Peanuts

Glutinous rice cakes

Fresh Guava Juice

Day 5:

The famous Oyster Vermicelli Noodles 

Taiwan's answer to Krispy Kreme

Mini Japanese Chicken Cutlets

Bttermelon Juice

Finally, my personal snacks 

If you reached the end of this post then you should be relieved to know that this is just half of what I ate.

Don't you make those eyes at me. 

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At 20 August 2013 at 01:04 , Anonymous Dom said...

Great post! It really made me miss Taiwan!

At 20 August 2013 at 07:40 , Anonymous Amy Lau said...

Thank you :D


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