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Lovechock - Chocolate Review*

It's that time of year again. The days are shorter, the nights are longer.

It's getting colder.

And the worst thing? 

I'm starting to comfort eat to fill the void that the lack of sunshine left behind.

Chocolate is high on my list, that's for sure.

Courtesy of DetoxYourWorld I was sent Lovechock as a healthier alternative.

What is Lovechock?

Lovechock is crafted out of 100% raw cacao, and are ground cold. (Normal chocolate is ground whilst it is hot and loses it beneficial qualities.)

Lovechock uses only the bests, organic and natural ingredients. In this case a superior cacao bean from Ecuador, the Arriba Nacionale.

This is a rare cacao which requires careful and dedicated tender love and care.

Why the name Lovechock?
So double the goodness and double the pleasure.

Due to this treatment they retain alot of their natural benefits i.e. antioxidants (flavonoids).

It rather boldly and unashamedly shouts that it is an aphrodisiac. Hahah you can try it yourself to see if it does work. :}

The goods

I was sent a batch which were basically the love child of dark chocolate + superfoods i.e cacao, goji berries.

Yummei Rating?


If you are a dark chocolate lover, then this chocolate is for you.

The addition of the superfruits to the dark chocolate is a great touch and does not take away from the natural cacao flavour.

Where to buy?


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At 17 November 2013 at 12:01 , Anonymous Amy Lau said...

Yeh they were really good - let me know your verdict! :}


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