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The Perfect Birthday Breakfast

I was dreading my birthday this year.

Signs of an early mid-life crisis maybe?

The morning of my birthday, at the ungodly hour of 9am I was awoken by the buzzing of my phone.

Grumbling and pulling the duvet back over my head.

I just didn't want to get up. 

THEN I was ambushed with the most beautiful birthday flowers, & Laduree macarons and a firm voice telling me to -- "Get up - we have to leave - right now."

Where was I being taken?

Grinning like a fat cat, I welcomed the idea of being spoilt ;]

 The Modern Pantry

First stop - breakfast - at The Modern Pantry.

Expectations were high as Anna Hansen spent her early years under the fine tutelage of Fergus Henderson, Peter Gordon & Stephanie Alexander.

The Modern Pantry is the perfect example of fusion cuisine done with finesse and intellect.

There are flavour combinations you wouldn't expect to work, but do. 

So naturally, I had to go for something a little different from what I normally order for breakfast.

I plumped for the sugar-cured prawn omelette, with green chilli and smoked sambal chilli.

Whilst Bean eyed up the tea smoked salmon, poached eggs, english muffin with yuzu hollandaise. 


Tea smoked salmon, poached eggs, english muffin with yuzu hollandaise -  

This was good.

But mine was better.

Sugar-cured prawn omelette, with green chilli and smoked sambal chilli  - 

I never thought that an omelette could bring me as much joy as this one did.

The prawns were perfectly cooked, and had a slight hint of sweetness, that went so well with the creamy saltiness of the egg and the smoked sambal chilli added that much needed kick to get you started in the morning.

One thing is for sure is that the measly dollop of the chilli was simply not enough.

Slathering the rich and creamy prawn omelette on that honey glazed toast was just mind blowing. 

This is one of Modern Pantry's signature dishes, and I can totally see why.

I wish I could eat this every morning.

Order this when you do go there.

Thank me later.




Modern Pantry
47- 48 St. John Square,

Modern Pantry on Urbanspoon

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